Military Division

Commanders Cup Competition

The Air Force Women were the deciding factor in the first Shucker Shuffle Commander's Cup.  While the Air Force had the early lead with participation (17 entries), the Navy Men put the pressure on the Air Force finishing 1st and 4th earning 13 performance points and vaulting them into the lead.  But the Air Force Women dominated their side taking the top 5 finishing spots and earning all 26 performance points securing the first Commander's Cup for the Airmen.  We thank all of the Military members who came out to support the race and we really appreciate your Service to this Country.  Final results are below. 


Air Force


Coast Guard



Commanders Cup Competition

Service members registering for the Military Division will become part in a unique competition between the U.S. Military Services.  The SS7 Commander's Cup will e awarded to the Service accumulating the most participation and performance points.  While the majority of points will come through performance based competition, the race committee wanted to reward the Services for their participation in this event. 


The individual Services (Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines) will receive 0.1 points for each registered runner.  Once registration closes, the Service with the most registered runners will be awarded 5 bonus points, the second most 4 points, third 3 points, fourth 2 points, and the last 1 point.


Performance points will be awarded to the representative services for the top 5 males and females registered in the Military Division who cross the finish line.  The top male and female racers will receive 10 points for their respective Service, the second place racers will receive 7 points for their Service, the third place racers 5 points, the fourth place finishers 3 points, and the fifth place runners 1 point.  52 performance points are available during the race competition. 


The top 5 military males and females will receive and award. 

Commanders Cup

The SS7 Commanders Cup will be presented to the Service with the highest amount of participation and performance points.  The race committee will work with local Service representatives to establish a time to present the traveling trophy.  The winning Service will keep and display the trophy for 1 year and return it on August 1 of the following year.